About the project

The aim of the LLOT (Logistics Open Language Training) project is to improve the language skills of the employed in the logistics industry.

The project involves:

  • language courses at B2 level based on the vocational vocabulary and logistics content,
  • three e-learning courses in logistics,
  • platform providing these courses, offering elements of gamification.
All of these project components are available in four languages: Polish, English, German and Italian. The project products are carefully designed to implement the concept of foreign language teaching through the CLIL method (Content and Language Integrated Learning). 

The users will learn foreign languages ​​in two stages:

  • using a language course giving them the basics of the vocational language, 
  • improving and checking their language skills while doing specialized courses in logistics in a selected language version.
Learn more about CLIL

Project partners:

  • Project Coordinator: School of Logistics, based in Poznan 
  •  CIS- Scuola per la Gestione d'Impresa - training organisation and language school in Italy,

  • Globalnet sp. z o.o. – language school and provider of e-learning courses from Poznan
  • Jamieson-Ball Ltd – language school in the UK. 

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