Profesor Logisticus

Gamification in the LLOT project is implemented in two ways:

  • elements of gamification in courses in logistics,
  • elements of gamification in language courses. 

Gamification in courses in logistics:

Each user gathers scores for three sorts of activities:

  • getting to know the content of the lesson - 1 point,
  • solving a quiz about the content module - 10 points,
  • solving a quiz about the course - 40 points. 

The quizzes are considered passed if the user scores at least 60%.

Each user can display the ranking of scores and compare his or her scores with those other users.

Earning points takes the user up the ladder of his or her career in the LLOT project. 

Gain knowledge and skills and see what promotion is awaiting you.

In order to start collecting points and competing with other users, you only need to create an account and start to learn from Professor Logisticus. 

When creating an account on, you define your native language. Note that you can define this language only once. If you look through the materials and solve quizzes also in other languages, you can double your scores.

You can learn more about gamification in language courses by moving to language courses.

Last modified: Wednesday, 6 September 2017, 11:35 AM