Third transnational partners meeting of LLOT project.

On 18-19.10.2016 in CIS Scuola per la Gestione D'Impresa headquarter in Reggio Emilia third meeting of the project partners LLOT took place.

At the meeting developed intellectual outputs was presented. Also discussed the results of testing phase and preparation for the dissemination of the intellectual outputs. At the meeting a very interesting assumptions for dissemination of the project was developed. Following the comments to developed intellectual outputs will be possible to improve them.

The next meeting will be organized by speakeasy sprachzeug and will be held on 13-14 March 2017 in Berlin.

The second meeting of the LLOT project partners.

On 19-20 April 2016 at the company's headquarters of Globalnet Sp. z o.o., the second meeting of the LLOT project partners was held. During the meeting, the current progress and plans for further development were discussed. Particular attention was paid to the need for the broad dissemination of information about the project in order to reach a sufficient number of testers.

The first meeting of the LLOT project partners.

On 29-30 September 2015 at the Higher School of Logistics the first meeting of the partners to the Logistics Open Language Training (LLOT) project took place. The meeting initiated the project, whose goal is to develop specialist vocational language courses for logistics.

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